“As my Parkinson’s disease has progressed, I have experienced difficulties in voice volume, articulation, and breathiness. I found myself avoiding social situations and seldom participated in conversations. Jackie Larsen has helped me identify my areas of difficulty and taught me strategies using activities to remediate these deficits. She gently prodded me to go beyond my comfort level. I quickly progressed in my ability to speak with greater volume. I am now participating in social conversations without listeners constantly asking me to repeat. I was not aware that I wasn’t producing speech with adequate volume until Jackie monitored my decibels on her computer screen, thus providing me with instant feedback. I also experience some respiratory and swallowing problems as a result of poor muscle activation (bradykinesia and hypokinesia). The glide activities up and down the scale helped strengthen my larynx. Due to Jackie’s excellent teaching skills and enthusiastic presentations, I am able to “graduate” with improved speech and swallowing.”

– Gail B

My dad suffered a stroke in April 2023 and lost most of his ability to speak.  At 96-years-old we were doubtful that he would be able to recover his speech.  These doubts were reinforced when we were told by the staff at a Skilled Nursing Facility after a month of rehab, that he would not get better.  We moved dad back to his Assisted Living Facility and hired Jackie Larsen to work with dad.  She has worked wonders with my dad and he can hold conversations with us and tell stories like he used to.  Thanks Jackie, for your skill and patience!

Trent Jackson

Jackie Larsen is a true professional.  She conducts herself with grace and at the same time holds her clients firmly leading them through the learning process to heal and restore their health.  She explains brain functions and what the goals and objectives are.  She was a participant in my healing with Parkinson’s and COVID when I lost my voice for several months and with a doctor’s procedure, brought my voice back.  Jackie’s training is critical to sustain the voice long-term.  I am full voice functioning now.  I would highly recommend her to anyone that requires speech therapy.

Stephen Gregory

Jackie was a very effective and professional in her help with my speech and swallowing issues.  She set up an in-depth throat study at Rocky Mountain University, helped me focus in on the right exercises and procedures to improve my speaking and strengthen my mouth and throat.


Jackie Larsen is an excellent speech therapist.  She has been working with my husband, who has Parkinson’s, on the Speak Out program.  She comes to our house which is so convenient and helpful for us.  She always sends a reminder in the morning and is very prompt.  Jackie is very friendly and kind.  She knows how to push my husband just the right amount.  She’s very encouraging and he has progressed really well while working with her.  We highly recommend her for anyone who needs speech therapy!


“My wife was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 15 years ago.  She also has aphasia, a communication disorder from a stroke 19 years ago.  When I heard Jackie Larsen was a “Speak Out!” specialist in Utah County, I scheduled my wife for therapy. My wife has been seeing Jackie in short weekly sessions for almost 2 months.  I am already seeing improvement!”

– Jeff G